Can an Unattended Robot parallelly executes multiple processes using RunParallelActivity?


I know that attended Robot can execute multiple background processes (without UI and human Interaction) and one foreground process which may involves human or UI interaction by using Run Parallel Activity.

But can we achieve same thing with unattended Robot which is scheduled and monitored by Orchestrator?


It’s wrong. For attended BOTS, Human interaction is required.


We can’t run multiple processes at a same time in same machine whether it’s attended or Unattended BOT. You can run two processes in single machine with different user accounts if you configured High Density robots.

Yes, Attended Robots needs human interaction. I understand that fact.

But according to below document, when an attended robot starts executing a foreground Process by human trigger, We can use Run Parallel Activity in this running foreground process to start other background Process. Only condotion is that these background processes should not need any human input.
Background Process Automation.

I wanted to know, can we achive same with unattended robots?


As per this document, we need Attended BOTS only to run two process parallel and also make sure that back ground process does not have any UI Interactions. Else we can’t run process in background.

ok. So we can not start background process on unattended robot which fulfill the condition it needs(That is ‘not UI interaction’) ?

we can do this on only attended robots, right?

Thank you.

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thanks. I will read about it.

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Yes, Exactly.

Foreground process should have UI Interactions and background process does not have any UI Interactions then you can run two processes parallel in same machine at same time.

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