Can a robot turn itself off?

Hello, I’m making a robot that works all day, but needs to turn itself off at a specific hour. I can’t change a lot about a robot, so I wonder if there is any activity or a code that can turn off a robot completely?

Do the changes in the trigger option and schedule according to your requirement

the robot works in a loop. It’s turned off in the morning and works in a closed loop. and it can only be shouted off securely in a specific point in a workflow.

You have to set up the logic in your code so that it stops when you want it to.

I was hoping there is another way. It feels weird that there isn’t an activity stop robot or something like that.

You may include Terminate Workflow activity when the condition to stop is met.

Yes, Set it according to your requirement.

There is, it’s named Terminate Workflow. However, it causes the Job to show as faulted in Orchestrator. It’s better to organize your code so that you can “get out” when you want to. Flow Chart is good for this.