Can a robot trigger a job on another robot automaically?


I have two processes running on two different robots. I want second robot to start work when first robot has completed its job. Any suggestions?


Hello @simi,

Yes, you can achieve this by scheduling in orchestrator,
Suppose, my first job finishes at 10:15:00 AM, next run must take place at 10:15:05 AM. that will be started automatically.
Any doubts feel free to ask :slight_smile:



Hi Pankaj,
Actually the issue is , first job starting time is not fixed. It will be executed as per need. But once first process executes, then after that second process on the second robot should also be triggered.


Will you run the first robot manually @simi




You cannot trigger the second robot automatically as you’re running the first robot manually.If you schedule the first robot,then you can automatically set the time difference to run the second bot


You can - search for StartJob through the forums. It’s even easier with 2018.1 and Orchestrator activities than it was before.


But in this case I have to schedule second robot every time while setting up the process. Can’t it be done automatically?