Can a robot run in VMware Workstation Player


I am having the following doubts:

  1. Can an unattended robot run in a machine that is Turned off.
  2. If no for the above question, I have created a VM using Vmware workstation player and installed Uipath inside it, even if I turn off my main machine(i,e - haven’t turned off my VM I only turned off my physical machine) can a bot run on the VM as per the scheduled time.
  3. If no to the above question, how can I run the unattended bot 24/7 for my personal use like checking the weather and sending me a notification to my number(DIY projects) without turning on my machine everything in cloud - Any Suggestions

Hi @monish06 !
From my own experience with UiPath Unattended bot Enterprise: even if you turn off your physical computer that has the access to your VM, if your bot is scheduled to start in a VM that is kept turned on, then the job will start at the wanted time with no problem :grin:
I did not have the opportunity to test with Community version; what are you using ?

Community Version.