Can a robot run 6 database queries at the same time?

I am able to connect and query my database. I want to run 6 queries at the same time and not one by one. Is it possible to build such a project in Studio?

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Well there is the Activity Parallel maybe that helps?

Some information you found at:

Running six could really slow down your process but you could use the Parallel activity as noted

Ok, fascinating! This is great. Thank you, I will look into this.

Not sure why I am getting a " Object reference not set to an instance" error message. I can run one query with no problem but when I try to run to or more, it throws an error. Any suggestions as to how to fix the issue?

After reading more about Parallel, it sounds like this will not run queries concurrently, but instead in a sequence. I will now look into trying Parallel For Each.

maybe one of the community can help you with a code snippet that opens several threads in parallel.
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