Campare two excel columns and add the value to third column

Hi team…

I am comparing two columns namely “Customer Service” and “Patient Name”. The Column “Customer Service” contains names which deals with multiple patients in column “Patient Name”. After comparing I want to add count on column “patient name”. And then print count value in “Total Patients”.
Your help will highly be appreciated.

Hi @Malik_Shahid_Ali
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I am not cleared by your requirement

It would be helpful if you add the screenshots of excel u need to compare

Hi @Malik_Shahid_Ali

If you need compare two data row from 2 columns, you can use the for each row activitie and you can use the if activitie (use the comparator simbol according that you need):

The code:
currentrow.item("Customer Service).tostring = currentrow.item(“Patient Name”).tostring


1- The bot read each row
2 - Compare data with the if activitie getting the data row in each column that you need.
3- If you need a special output use the then or else result to the next process.

Let me know your thougths.