Callout - Trigger Integration - Public Preview

Callout - Trigger Integration - Public Preview


Forms and Callouts have given users the ability to interact in real-time with attended robots while processes are executing. This provides additional context to users about what the robot is doing, and also allows the user to provide input that the robot can use to complete specific tasks.

With the new Callout – Trigger integration, the robot can close a callout and proceed with the next activity based on user actions such as clicking a button on a website, pressing a key or hot-key, or performing a CRUD operation on the hard drive. This opens up a new use cases for attended automation such as being able to prompt a user to take action in a third-party system without the extra overhead of needing to manually close the callout.

How does it work?

Callouts can now be closed with a ‘Close Callout’ activity. This gives developers the ability to provide addition context or instruction to users such as an action to take on a third-party platform. By creating a trigger scope and defining the criteria by which you want a callout to closed (such as submitting an online form or entering field information) you can

Additional performance enhancements make the chaining of callouts possible, such as prompting the user to make a series of steps in a third-party platform such as process a claim or managing contacts. When the user takes the appropriate action, the next callout immediately appears.