Callout funcion running out of memory

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Long story short… Callout activity increasing the memory used by the process. Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Full explanation:

I have a process which monitors the pc all the time 24/7. As user-friendly interface about the status I am using callout function. Every time the callout appears on the screen the memory used by UiPath.Executor is increased. After a few days of continues robot work process uses all the memory and UiPath.Executor crashes.

I am attaching Callout to the desktop screen as all the processes are working in the background.
Even with a simple workflow where You use Callout in While Do with condition 1=1, You can see that every time the callout appears the memory usage is increased.

I have .bat file prepared to catch if UiPath.Excecutor is not responding and restarts pc, also Message Box with delay option is known. I would just like to know the reason behind this.

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Main.xaml (5.9 KB)

Still looking for an answer. :slight_smile:

are u still looking for an answer?