Calling variables from config file and passing as arguements into login workflow

Hi, I have configfile created where I had all assign activities for reading excel file and pass values from excel as input data from configfile. I had config file settings in Automationconfig workflow, and created login workflow where I have arguements created to pass values from automationconfigfile…
Its compiled and while running loginworkflow username not able to enter ,empty values passing . When I debug using message box, its giving me object reference not set to reference of an object.
Here is

Please help

Hi @r0818

The error means that you are not getting your values properly, please check if you are gettint the correct value, make sure you are retrieving your value and the invoked workflow is receiving this properly


invoked workflow not receiving it properly from datatable vale where its read from excel config file


Keep a break point on assign activity of user and then one on the invoke workflow and then use step into and check where the value is getting lost using locals panel…

Also check if there are two variables created with same name…with different scopes



Is the datatable direction in/out or out in the first config related workflow?

And are the proper variables assigned in both workflow invokes?


direction only in for login.xaml and main.xaml and yes, proper variables assigned in both. when I run invoking login.xaml within config.xaml… its working fine


I am asking about the config variable or the datatable variable that you are reading in the config.xaml …are you sending that out to the main.xaml?

The direction should be out in config.xaml


ok, let me change it from login.xaml datatable arg as out

I have configfile.xaml where buidDT with name vDTvariable and some string variables also assigned.
I have created login.xaml file and for each activity writing a row in vDT and accessing the variable values from config.xaml as I have created arguements in login.xaml with direction IN.
I invoked login.xaml file from configfile.xaml and working fine.

Now I am creating flowchart from Main.xaml , invoked configfile.xaml and second workflow as login.xaml…
I have created arguements as IN directions for the variables I had in configfile.xaml… but values are not taking intologin.xaml when running.
Can you pls help where I am doing wrong

I am using same name as in login.xaml…


Ok let me explain in same parts for you

  1. You have a mail xaml and lets say you created a variable for storing the argument vdt let that be dt in main.xaml

  2. From mail you are calling config…and config shpuld read the config create a datatable vdt and send it out not in

  3. In login yes it is reading data so it should have the data as in

I hope this makes it clear because even in config ehere you are reading you are setting argument as in that means data flows from main to config not from config to main