Calling Sequence into a different Flowchart

I have a scenario where I have sequence 1 created separately outside of a Flowchart but now I want to include that sequence 1 into a new Flowchart as I don’t want to redo the work which I have already done in a sequence 1. Is there a way that we can call or create a sequence as a variable or something so that I can reuse it in a Flowchart?

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Do you mean that sequence 1 is for instance in a xaml file named sequence 1.xaml ? And that you created another project and you want to call for this xaml file ?

have a look on the extract workflow functionality
so we can extraxt and later invoke the extracted xaml on different other xamls

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yes for example i have a sequence names DataSetUp.xaml now I want to Use that Sequence in another Flowchart where again i need to set up the data and I could use the same DataSet Sequence.

Ok that’s possible !
As a prerequisite, copy paste the DataSetUp.xaml at the same level of your Main.xaml (or a folder at the same level of Main.xaml) if it’s not already done:
Then, come back to your flowchart, and click on project panel, then on refresh button:

You’re supposed to see your xaml file (in the place of 3 in my picture)
Once you see it, drag and drop your xaml file on your Flowchart.
You’ll notice that an Invoke Process will appear:
And voilà ! :wink:
If you need to pass some data to your sequence or retrieve data from your sequence, let us know so we dig in further

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