Calling Login window multiple times through Reframework

Hi All,

I want to call login window multiple times through REFramework.
I have placed Login.xaml in InitAllApplication and want to call from Process.xaml multiple times before further execution.

Please Help


Hi @gaurav_rpa

If I’m right you’re trying to call Login.xaml from the process multiple times based on the requirement?

If so you can try invoking the workflow directly on a loop or a condition basis.

Yeah that i can do but want to follow the Reframework principles :slight_smile:

At what cases you would like run the login again?

Is there a business exception or a condition you check to do it?

You can try creating a new state in the RE Framework from process which will invoke the login which the process hits the state.

@gaurav_rpa You can call Anywhere you want based on your requirement .

ReFramework is a good starting base for building development but there isnt a one size fits all framework.

You have to adapt it to make it work for your process.

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Thanks @Varun_Raj,
I need to login with different users so that is the reason i need to call this multiple times from Process xaml.
Could you please provide me example regarding state that you mentioned ?
I am not so much expert in ReFramework.