Calling Another Workflow

The situation is I have 2 workflows, the first one which I’ll call Generate Report is a process that can be run independently or from within the 2nd workflow which i’ll call Run Process. The function of calling the Main.xaml for Generate Report from Run Process works in Development by using an Invoke Workflow File activity.

However once I release to production I get an issue whereby when I call the Main.xaml for Generate Report I get an Access is Denied error. I presume this was introduced in 2018.1 when the Project Security was added to prevent standard users from accessing the XAML files.

What is the best method for calling another process?

I think someone more knowledgeable should tackle this one, but my understanding of the project security is that it should not prevent you from executing your entire project from A to Z.

When publishing, it would simply mean that the project is sent as a package that the Robot will understand, but no user can interact with.

Is it possible that the Robot itself has insufficient privileges to access the project files?

Hi marcus,

If u r publishing in the orchestrator then u should have xaml file as main.xaml from that u can invoke ur other workflows

@shaik can you ellobrate whole process