Call was rejected by callee

Hi Team,

I am facing this exception “call was rejected by callee” while opening excel using excel application scope.
Pls help me to resolve this


Hi @sshitol

This seems strange, do have all the packages updated?

Are you using any Pivot function or macros in excel? That might be one of the reason, verify that one first and let me know.



Hi @sshitol

Is that second update on the same file?


Hi @Nikola_Drazic,
Yes its the second update on same file

Hi @sshitol

I had exactly the same situation. :slight_smile: It’s not about packages, updates or process that is running in the background…If your Excel file has some formulas or something like that, after first update if you try to open that file you will see some popup about “do you trust this source” and because of that your second update don’t goes through.

Please just store your values somewhere and when you have all data, update Excel just once at the end and that’s it. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

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Hey @PrankurJoshi

Im experiencing the Call rejected by callee issue, and my excel does have multiple pivot tables. Do you have any advice on that? Thanks in advance!

Per this post: Excel scope Exception - #5 by CamiCat
Consider disabling add-ins other than the UiPath.Integration.ExcelAddIn .
This got me past this particular error in one case.