✨ Call for Submissions: Automation for Good Community Stories 2023 ✨

Dear UiPath Community,

:christmas_tree: :clinking_glasses: As we are getting closer to this year’s end, we want to celebrate the last month of the year and its giving spirit by looking back and highlighting the worthiest stories in our community – those circling around Automation for Good. :gift_heart:

:handshake: We welcome all those professionals who want to tell us the stories of their meaningful collaborations, and giving back to the society and planet we call :house: HOME.

This year we are expanding the scope of our project, beyond technical implementations (though still included), by calling out: :speaker: all projects that built capacity, enabled others or made an impact for the greater GOOD. These can include trainings, fundraisers, automation projects with greater good impact, and any other connected initiatives without a commercial primary scope.

  • :point_right: We will select a maximum number of :sparkles: :eight: :sparkles: projects to be highlighted and featured into our global December event ‘Automation for Good Community Stories 2023’.

  • :loudspeaker::man_teacher: Each project will be given a featured speaking slot for project presentation and insights from the Project Lead and Partner organization on the receiving end.

  • :point_right: :heavy_heart_exclamation: If you think you have a project that might qualify, please submit your proposal by accessing the form below, till December 4.

  • :loudspeaker: :calendar: We will announce all selected projects on December 5 and host them in our live event on December 15.

    :point_right::point_right::point_right: SUBMIT YOUR STORY HERE :point_left::point_left::point_left:

Come to this program that is driven by passion :raised_hands:, and be part of the collective effort to share heartwarming stories that create a positive impact!

The UiPath Community Team