Call back for each loop for next item

Hi Team,

Suppose I have splitted the below string:
In One web site:
values will be returned by site if I enter the customer ID
2003 nokia mobile basicSet
samsun galaxy basic
2010 Iphone 6s
Note: Each time I need to put the value inside the search then I will get the above details for each mobile

I have splitted the above sentence as below:
and passed the values inside the for each to make use these values on other site.
For next item year is not there I need to go back to the same search site to get the next item value.
How can I check year Null? How can I call back the for each for next item in between the for each loop?
Steps for each item
1)Goto firstsite1
enter the customer id
get the sentence
split the sentence
2) Put the the details in other site