Calculation of values after extraction

Hi, i have a scenario from pdf automation…where i have to extract the values…i.e.,(visits per week) larger number… For example i have to extract 3 in the attached image.
And also i have to extract number of weeks… For example 8 in the attached image.
After extracting both the values i have to multiply it… For example 3*8 = 24 visits… I need this total visits value from this scenario…
Please suggest the approach…

if possible can you share that pdf?
so that will try

I am unable to share…

okey then after read pdf activity… use regex for that output

PdfOutput_08-09-2023 16-26-53.txt (9.6 KB)
Can u please explain in more detail… Attached output of pdf fyr…

Hi @Somanath_Somu

Please find the below xaml for your reference (148.0 KB)

I hope it helps!!

Hi @Somanath_Somu

Gives you the output as collection

You can call the required values based on index

Hope this helps

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Hi @lrtetala ,

If u don’t mind, can u open that both regular expressions & send a screen shot… Actually due to some issue am unable to download the package


(?<=Plan of Treatment: \d+\-)\d+


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Thank you @lrtetala & @Shiva_Nikhil

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Thanks and Welcome @Somanath_Somu

Happy automation

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