Calculating the average/median from raw data


Currently i have data being output like this when grabbed from a piece of text

“message”: “$8001-$12000”,

the output of this into a form is: $8001-$12000"

How do i separate the two values and gets its median which would be 10,000, if the values were separated i could use an array or calculation to just add the two and then divide by 2 but i can’t figure out the initial step.

Split the string by the hyphen, giving you an array of {$8000;$12000}. Get rid of the $-sign in each entry and do as you mention.

I tried using the below

It didn’t work, DollarAmt being the variable that the 8001 value is stored in…


Hope the following helps you. (15.6 KB)


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Thank you! This helped

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