"Calculating my Client Security Hash" in Uipath Advanced certification. What does it want? Also how do I begin?

Hello People,

I have a decent amount of hands on experience on Uipath studio.
I have completed first two certifications.

  1. Foundation
  2. Orchestrator
    Now I am working on the final and Level 3 certification.
    I have completed few things but stuck in the process of uploading some assignment.

I did read out the stuff that is given. but I did not understand anything in that. It was something related to “Calculating my client Security hash”.
I dont know what am I supposed to do. I am stuck here for 4 months now.
Please guide me.
I am confused, What should I begin with.
@aksh1yadav, @certified , @badita, @Lakshmi_Ganesan
Thanks and regards,

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Follow the walkthrough file, create a solution with REFramework

Me too!!!
anyone can help me?
I would be very grateful.

Please ask something specific so that I can help you, would be happy to help you in every possible way

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@PrankurJoshi could you help me? I can not understand which Work Item it refers to…

They want us to click here -


Create a new Work Flow which just navigates to work items by clicking on the button

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I followed the guide but to me from this error … you can help me? @PrankurJoshi

your ItemID is an integer, please write ItemID.ToString

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I apologize for the continuous disturbance … but I can not really understand what you mean by the above sentence and therefore I am stuck with the project !!
Can you ask for a hand, kindly? @PrankurJoshi

hello @momi_fede
in WorkItem list there is many “type” like WI4 WI5… and different “status” .
in this assignment, we need get record that has Type= “WI5” and Status =“Open”
you need

method to get specific record

Hope its help

Happy Automation