CalculateClientSecurityHash - errors in performing

Dear Community,

Can anyone be so kind and check where my errors are in exercise 1 in Re-framework advanced training?Compressed folder is attached.

Thank you so much for your time and help in advance!!! (748.0 KB)

@kampro - Can you please tell me what’s the issue? If I will try directly give you the solution it will not help you in learning.

Hi @anmolk171,

Thank you for your quick response.

Of course, the main issues I’m fancing it, are attached here:

  1. Main workflow stops during performing Update_WorkItems:

  2. on SHA1 website in the field to put data with Client Id etc. with aaaa-bbbb-cccc shape I noticed some data that I don’t have a clue where they come from:

  3. At the end my incorrect workflow on the ACME site I see that it doesn’t behave properly.

So far these are all issues I’ve noticed…

Thank you,