Calculate with Entities in an UiPath App Form

I have created a number of Entities in Data Service.

Now, when the user enters, say, BT1 to Article and Green to Colour. That the numeric values noted in the Data Service Entities for Article and Colour are used. These values must be multiplied in the Production time per 1 article (sec). This Text field should then contain the multiplied value.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Hello @Steyn_Muller1 ,

Do following .

Go to production time then property text and write formula
=number1 * number2


@Steyn_Muller1 ,

I can see you have correct Lookup function, are you entering same value as yellow.

Its case sensitive so make sure you enter same as you have. If still getting please remove dynamic value and check with hardcode static function once then redo.



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