Calculate the count of unique value and filter count greater than XX

Hi Guys,

I download the table from SAP,

and try to calculate the count of unique value like below.

and filter out if count is greater than 2

It’s easy for me to use excel power query… but I don’t know how to use uipath to trigger it.

or anyone can help provide the way using in uipath ?


Use assign Activity for output Table (Count Table)

 (From d In testDT.AsEnumerable
    Group By col1=d(0).ToString Into grp=Group
    Select outDT.Rows.Add({col1, grp.count})).Where(Function (x) CInt(x(1))>2).CopyToDataTable

Here testDT is table containig original data
outDT is Ouput Table which will have count.

First reading the source table from excel file into a DataTable variable of name testDT

Building output Data Table

Use assign activity to write the LINQ Query

write the data table to ouput panel or you can save it in an excel file.


Amazing!! Thanks a lot!!

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