Calculate Security Hash Level 3 assignment - Arguments in System 1 main

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to solve the assignment by following the instructions in the PDF. I am unable to understand the following steps (highlighted in red).

According to the document, I must create two input arguments - for System1 Credential and System1 URL but in the same document below it does not show how and what input argument is created for System1 URL.

Can anybody tell me what arguments (with names and type) have to be created along with the direction?

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Hey Tom,

When you invoke the Login Workflow, you need the System1_URL as an in argument of string type.

The image you showed is inside the login workflow which invokes the GetAppCredential workflow. In the GetAppCredential, you do not need to insert the System1_URL because there is no use for it.

In the PDF instruction, it says create two in Arguments, that is for the Login workflow.

Hope this helps.

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Hope your query solved.