Calculate difference between dates rounding at day 15

I have a piece of code, DateDiff(DateInterval.Month,effective,expiry) which gives me the difference between the effective date and expiry date.

So 2017/08/14 and 2018/08/14 would return 12. (yyyy/MM/dd)

What if the date is 2017/08/14 and 2017/08/30?? I want it to return 13 because the difference between the days is greater or equal to 15, but the function rounds it down to 12.

Can you write two more lines of code to handle this based on the below logic ?

mm = dateDiff(…)
if day(expiry) > day(effective) then mm = mm + 1

the above is not the exact syntax, just a logic

p7.xaml (14.4 KB)
Hi @mkkajtez
Please find the attached solution. let me know if It solved your problem.