Calculate data of several columns in an datatable


dear all, is there anybody know how to calculate data of several columns in each row in an excel data table with uipath studio? like calculate column3=column1+column2. any advice is appreciated.


Hello @xiang

Please find following sample workflow with Annotations for your guidence and let me know if you have still doubt on this

Sample (9.4 KB)



@aksh1yadav hi,thank you for your answer, and i have two questions: 1, why use try catch, how to generate exception.Message in the catch part? 2, what if there is column3 in the excel sheet, will that be the same method to verify the data in column3 equals column1 plus column2, and write the exception in other sheet? thanks.


To Handle Exception. I have done that by using Exception Object i.e. here and exception.Message will return the exception message in simple UI not a whole stacktrace for debugging.

Just take a new variable Number3 and assign that with like the same for Number1 and Number 2

var Number3 = Convert.ToInt32(row(“column3name”))

Rest depends on your logic to deal with such data



oh i see, thanks a lot.
Best regards!