Calculate client security hash ....WIID

image could anyone help me in this as what do I need to add
need to do the similar thing …Do i need to declare the WIID first …I am a bit confused on this

Could you clarify your issue? I’m having trouble understanding what you need

Edit: by the way, yes, to use any variable you need to declare it before using it for anything

This navigation is to make sure that you land to the correct work-detail (the one which have open status and type WI5) page based on WIID, in order to extract client information

The page URL is generic with WIID at last, so it is required to create a dynamic URL with WIID as a variable part (for each oy your transactions).

So the answer is yes, you need to define a variable to store WIID of each transaction and then create the dynamic URL to navigate to.

Hope it helps!

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done…solved…no worries…

image in this assignment where we need to calculate the yearly report , how to define the page number of the current page…

this is my workflow where I am getting errors because of te in_TransactionNumber