Calculate Client Security Hash -where what arguments to transmit

Use the Data Scraping wizard to extract the entire HTML table. When asked if the data spans multiple pages, answer Yes, and point to the next page button.
o Set the Maximum number of results option to 0, so that all the identified elements can be extracted as output.

How make Data Scraping? I have this error in scraping:


this is the error when you don’t initialize the variables, please check the values you have declared.

Like Transactionitelm , transactionnumber


if that is not working, try debug mode(Step in / Step Out) and let me know where it gets stuck.


Thanks, I figured it out. Waiting for the following error :grinning:

I was confused where what arguments to transmit.
In Extract workfow I have next argument:

And what I must declare in Main-Init argument ? And in Main-GetTransactionData?

Now in Main-Init:

In Main-GetTransactionData:

I don’t understand, how pass argument out_WIList with my data from Extract workflow to GetTransactionData

you need to click on import argument, bind them with variables declared.

Declare WI_List in Main workflow, i.e, state diagram variable list



O, my god! Thanks! I lost all day because of this trifle ((
Now I made so:



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I do not understand why the program does not go into System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails :slight_smile:

Adress are correctly:

Before it navigates to widetails page, It should be in workitems page.” this page…?

Did you verify it

Yes, I in this page

My workflow System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails:

did you run in debug mode…?

Yes, I debog from this MessageBox. Robot not go in this workflow

This is my open workitems, when show this messagebox:

Here’s another incomprehensible message in debugging.
I must say, what click on LogIn ACME works through time . Sometimes I click on LogIN - help to robot



I don’t understand why click on LogIN work through time. When I get transactiondata he work good.
When it click from InitAllApplication - not work

May be checked SimulateClick on Click activity in System1_Logon ? Work, but again error:
“message”: “Invoke System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails workflow Faulted”,

I don;t know that to do - use this URL and attach workitems and WIID

try like this…

URL is correct, I checked it in messagebox:

Error in Attach browser. He does not see the open IE :

But if run only System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails, with open IE, then it work:

But why don’t work in my solution?

System1_Naviagteto_WIDetails.xaml (6.3 KB)

check mine, and use some wait time also incase if loading is taking time.

are you sure that before this workflow execution starts, IE should be in workitems page …?

OOOOOOO, of course NO, my IE was in Dashboard !!!
Thanks, I fixed it.