Calculate Client Security Hash - Throw Error

I would like to ask for help on how to fill the “Throw”, as I had to comment it out to prevent it from stopping the execution. What code should I use to fill in the field?


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You can use IF condition and in that logic is something like

GetTextVariable.Equals(“These credentials do not match”)

Then-> put Throw
Else → Leave blank / If you have any logic

Hope this will help you


Hi @Pedro_Azevedo ,

As suggested by @Srini84 use if condition to check the condition and then approach should be place the throw activity.

Inside throw use expression like below.

New Exception (“These credentials do not match”)

Please note that if you running the process in debug mode the execution will stop on thr throw activity to raise exception again start the process one more time to continue the execution with the exception.

If you run the prot un attended mode it will not hard stop at the throw. I hope this information helpful. Thanks.

That’s right?



Yes, So when the errorSenha has the value, Then will be executed and It will throw the exception

But this will happen only when you Run the File / Run the Workflow, Debug will always struck on the exception

Hope this will help you


@kirankumar.mahanthi1 @Srini84 Thanks, but I’m solving the challenge to get the RPA Advanced certificate, my grade is at 69/100 I thought that by fixing it the grade would increase, but it remained, I don’t know how to increase my grade to pass this challenge.