Calculate Client Security Hash - Result 0/100

Hi, I have submitted [Calculate Client Security Hash ] code in zip format several times but it is showing 0/100 every time. I have executed the process and then upload the code in zip format for UiPath evolution. During local machine execution, it is working absolutely fine. But UiPath is scoring 0 every time I submit. Can anyone help me please? TIA


Source Code: (633.4 KB)

You are probably entering incorrect data into the Hash field. One invalid character and the hash is changed.
Compare what you introduce with what the Robot introduces.

When I passed this test, my problem was that I gave an extra space.

Hi @Adrian_Star Here is the Hash input I am providing :

Isn’t this in correct format?

And don’t your variables (ClientID, ClientName, ClientCountry) have whitespace?
You can add function to variables like: ClientID .Trim to remove any whitespace.

Before entering the data set to the hash field in the browser, check what the data looks like, e.g. by putting ‘Write line’ in flow.

You can also do your own SHA1 Hash Generator:


'Assign variables
OSHA1 = New System.Security.Cryptography.SHA1CryptoServiceProvider()
bytesToHash = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(Input)
bytesToHash = OSHA1.ComputeHash(bytesToHash)

'Use for each activity
For each item in bytesToHash 'Type argument: System.Byte
SHA1_Result = SHA1_Result + item.ToString(“x2”)

'Variable types:
OSHA1 As System.Security.Cryptography.SHA1CryptoServiceProvider
bytesToHash As System.Byte[]
Input As String
SHA1_Result As String

Hi @Adrian_Star . I have added a write line activity already there and it seems no whitespace is getting appended. As you told, I have added .Trim to each of the client variables. I have executed it and it is updating the Workitems successfully (It was doing the same so far). The problem is while I am uploading the zip code into the portal, it is evaluating the code and the marks showing 0/100

WorkItems status after a single run:

Variable value:

When you send the process to be checked, the UiPath machine checks if the data you were about to change is correct.
Before each iteration of your new process, you should clear the data on your ACME profile.

Do you clean the ACME data before each robot start-up?

Yes, every time I reset the test data before executing the robot. Only I keep the data as it is before uploading the zipped code into the portal from the last iteration/execution.

Are you editing data for the correct type? Does your task say that this should be “WI5” type?

My robot is editing only “WI5” type workitem :

Hi, In my case, this is not the actual issue. The robot is able to update WI5 type work items

Hi, I have found out the issue. It was last 3 pages were not getting considered from Workitem pages and few transactions were getting pending every time I ran the robot. rectified same and got passed successfully. Thank you everyone for helping me out.

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