Calculate Client Security Hash Last Try-Waiting for Evaluation

Hi there,

I submitted the assignment, 1 day ago but still there is no answer.

What should I do , Where should I write this problem?


Try signout and Sign in to the academy page or just refresh. If your assignment is completed, it will show you the marks. Normally it won’t take more than 30 mins.

Hope for the best … All the best :blush:

nope I tried It doesnt work
thanks for advice
All the best too you

I stuck with the same problem but with assignment 2… No response from 2 days…

so what should we do?
type somewhere someone or just wait?

Let’s add some one from UiPath team to have a look at the issue… @loginerror

I am having the same issue with Assignment - 2

I just got the result… Can you check now? @Zehra, @Mervin_Varghese

same. submitted yesterday at noon, just got evaluated this morning, and failed saying the emails didnt match up, they do… ugh… and this is for work… resubmitted, waiting an hour now…

Hi guys

I think there is a problem with the evaluation process in the academy. I just saw a post while ago about this and they are currently working on it to resolve the issue.

So, hopefully it will get fixed soon :slight_smile:

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@Lahiru.Fernando If you find that post, can you link it to me? so i can give that to my boss? Im stuck twiddling my thumbs while my time counts down that I have left to complete this… =(

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phew… lucky i remembered his name :slight_smile:

This is the post

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@Lahiru.Fernando appreciate that! as murphy would have it, of course I took my 15 minute break, saw your reply in my email, came back, logged back in and sure enough it actually evaluated and passed… so they must be working on it … thanks again!



Congrats @Cory_F :smiley:



Congrats!! Good to hear its resolved :slight_smile:

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Hi from today at 9am I uploaded my 1st assignment of uipath re frame work but still I didn’t got the grade. From morning m stuck in this. Please any one help me.

Hi @smrutipanda945,
Did you resolve this issue? I am having the same problem, there is no “Result” tab