Calculate Client Security Hash - Extracted DT shows Null in GetTransactionData workflow

Dear Friends, I am new to Uipath and practicing RE Framework by practicing “Calculate Client Security Hash” scenario. I attached the whole project into this query along with few screenshots. (1.6 MB)

While executing GetTransactionData workflow, i am getting extracted workitems datarows as NULL . I am breaking my head past few days, i searched lot in the forum. Hoping nobody got this error… Kindly help me out …only then i can able to understand the framework concept better…Pls ask me if you need any more questions…Thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile:


Have you passed scrapped data result into Get TransacionData as input or not ?

Thanks for the reply bro @lakshman , I attached snapshot of variable section of Main flow and GetTransactionItem workflow Variable

also, where can i pass extract_workItem output as to GettransactionItem ?

hello @fayaz
1)check your pass the get extractdata variable pass into out_workItem argumrnt


@sandeep13 Thanks for the reply bro, “WorkList” variable is from Main workflow where it is declared? or where did you declare"WorkList" variable and assign it to Extract_Workitem workflow? Pls guide

yes @fayaz “WorkList” variable is from Main WorkFlow

for assign
1)in Extract_workItem Workflow


where you invoke Extract_workItem Workflow


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@sandeep13 Thanks bro, i did the same as you suggested…but while assigning variable from Main to System1_Extract_WorkItem" , i am getting error as variable is not declared, It may be inaccesible, Pls see the attached snapshot…Thanks a lot

change scope of the variable

@sandeep13 i did the same bro…do you want my whole proj? may be you will know where exatcly i did mistake…

i got it what is issue you faced

for my scenario I call Extract_workItem Workflow in init section instead of under initapplication workflow

for your case you need one more assign action

  1. initApplication to init where you invoke InitApplication > then InitApplication to Init

i attached my Main.xaml (57.5 KB)

hope its help you


hello @fayaz bro
is it working??


Thanks a lot @sandeep13 :slight_smile: now it is working…realized where i missed…thanks for your time

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welcome bro :partying_face:

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