Calculate client security hash errors

If a new Item is fetched Grab it’s significant data for logging: Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: source",

We start off with a simple implementation to demonstrate the REFrameworkwithout using Orchestrator Queues.
Please have a quick glance at the input data (queue item list); we can extract the whole table with the Data Scraping wizard.
The transaction item is a data row from the list. The same approach applies when the input is a datatable extracted from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files andDatabases.

It’s a good practice to keep the values that are prone to changes in the configuration file. Open the Data\Config.xlsx workbook and switch to the Settings sheet.
Add settings for System1 URL and SHA1 Online URL.
TheSystem1 application requires authentication; we’ll use Orchestrator Assets to store the credentials for System1. Add another setting, System1_Credential, to store the Credential name.
Add an Asset of the Credential type and write the username and password forSystem1. Make sure that the Asset name matches the value of theSystem1_Credential setting.

Switch to the Constants sheet in the Config workbook and set the value ofMaxRetryNumber to 2. This parameter controls how many times the framework tries to process a work item when it fails with an application exception, before moving on to the next one.
Make the following changes in the framework.
The Transaction Item variable in the Main file should be of the system.Data.DataRow type, as we are extracting the entire table to process it one row at a time. You should also change the argument type in the GetTransactionData, Process and SetTransactionStatus workflows to match the TransactionItem type.
Remove the three
SetTransactionStatus activities from the SetTransactionStatusworkflow as we are not using the transaction functionality provided byOrchestrator.
We are using two applications in this exercise, ACME System1
Create two folders, “System1” and “SHA1Online”, in the solution root directory, and use them for the workflows created for the two applications.
Hope this information helps you!

GetTransactionData workflow is invoked from the Main. Please check the arguments passed to GerTransactionData. I think you might have missed passing the arguments in .

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Thank you sowmya i got the result but after executing it is taking alternatively

Whether you checked, all WI5 type data are extracted properly???..

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Hi Manish,
it is reading all the data

What you are assiging to Out_TransactionId???..

i was assigning this


I had overcome all the errors still it is coming after evaluation 0/100,I dont know why (511.5 KB)

Whether you have used same mail-id to login Acme-System1, which you used for uipath academy???..

yeah i had used the same email id

Try Zipping the entire Framework as it is (including the folder structure).

please check below (18.1 KB)

This has only the framework folder and it’s contents.
You have to upload the entire stuff.
Right Click on the Process Name and select Open Project Folder.
Zip the entire project folder and submit it.

Now i had shared the entire zip folder (1.4 MB)

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I think you should be fine now .

still the result is 0/100

@Palaniyappan @lakshman - Please can you assist here … many thanks.

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