Calculate Client Security Hash Code - Walkthrough question

I am starting " Assignment: Calculate Client Security Hash" and I am confused; the document “UiPath Automation
Walkthrough” says on page 2:
o We start off with a simple implementation to demonstrate the REFramework without using Orchestrator Queues.

And then suggests:
o The System1 application requires authentication; we’ll use Orchestrator Assets to store the credentials for System1. Add another setting, System1_Credential, to store the Credential name.
o Add an Asset of the Credential type and write the username and password for System1. Make sure that the Asset name matches the value of the System1_Credential setting.

So, are we using Orchestrator or not? The first section says no second section uses Orchestrator assets.

@RACO, for the login credentials, its up to you, you can either use windows credential which would mean no orchestrator assets and if you do decide to use orchestrator assets that’s also fine.

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Got it. It is only a suggestion!

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