Calculate client security Hash- closing applications

Hi Team , I am trying to run the automation to calculate the client security .
Issue is , its running until “Get_Items.xaml” and getting all items from ACME without any issue , even its storing it in data table ( tried to save that data table in excel and confirmed that its working)

But issue is after this point , its not moving to process the item data and directly running “CloseallApplication.xaml” and closing the ACME and browser .

Suspected that it is setting “Systemerror” to something in “Initialization” that is why it is closing application but tried figuring out it is not giving any error , tried printing system error before closing application and nothing showing , just closing the application .

When I remove the Assign activity to assign filtered data table of type WI5 and status open to a datarow , it goes to process data and fails , I understand this why failed but not getting why its failing when assign activity is present and just closing application .

Can u please help ??

Thank you

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Hello and welcome to the community. Please try to run the process in debug mode and check to see what is happening at each step.

Thank you @SowmyaLeo .
I will try that and update here , currently at work .
Thank you for your response.

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Hi @Jailani_naganoor

Can you geve some more details like putting some screenshots.To easily address the issue.
Also you can put write line to identify what exacty the error that you encountered.

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:

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Thank you guys for the help .
I was able to figure out the issue by running project in debug mode with slow step . :blush:

Had missed to pass the local variable to the argument .
Now moving on…

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