Calculate Client Security Hash assignment

In UIPath studio under Test_Framework, there is a test file RunAllTests.xaml. Will it help if this file runs properly with all tests passed before uploading to site for evaluation. The reason is, for me all the W15 items are being updated successfully but still the evaluation says everything has failed. I manually calculated hash value using the SHA-1 site and compared with the generated value and it is matching. Please throw some light on this.

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Good day @AravindS!

  • No. You do not need to run the RunAllTest.xaml in order to pass the assignment.

Please verify the following in order to be sure that your assignment is working perfectly:

  1. After running the assignment give the Output panel a quick check and make sure that you did not receive any error or warnings.

  2. Visually confirm that all WI5 items in the ACME test site has a status of “Completed”


  • If you have confirmed that both are true (No errors/warnings and the WI5 items have a status of Completed) then please DO NOT reset the test data after successfully running the assignment. After successfully running the assignment then simply put the assignment folder in a zip file and submit it without resetting the test data in the ACME test site.

If you’ll still get a failing mark, then please upload your assignment here so that I may check and give you further assistance.

Have a great day! :vulcan_salute: