Calculate Client Security Hash assignment submission

Raise ticket in uipath support so that they can solve your issue

@Siva_Murthy Thanks for the reply.
But in the ticket creation page it’s mentioned like this
“Community Edition is provided by UiPath free of charge and we don’t offer support for it on our ticketing platform”.

@BenMar Hope you are doing great. I had similar problems like the people above in this forum, but I was able to sort everything out like you said. But yet I’m not able to submit it. Can you help me out please? I’m just having one error which says that there are no more items to be processed so closing up the applications.

Please help me out

I am not able to submit my assignment, not able to think how to get passing marks in assignment while it is partially correct, I am getting 29/100 marks , I have done many changes but not able to pass the assignment

reset the test data and run