Calculate Client Security Hash assignment re-submission

Hello All, I have submitted assignment more than 15 times. I have followed the guidelines from workflow document. My code is is working without any interruptions. I have checked ACME Page. It shows the status Completed.

I have send Email to support also. They have reseted the assignment request. After that also i am getting re-submission feedback.
Please help …

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Hi @SVa ,

Please check that your Client ID , Client Name, Client Address are trimmed. There should be no space in either of them.

Thanks for quick reply. I have checked that. There is no space.

Perhaps there’s space in variable.
For example : Client Country = "Italy "

There has to be small mistake like this.

I have used Trim now and tested my code. Also re-submitted.
Thanks for your help Shraddha.

Hope your issue is resolved. :grinning:

Yes. I have got result. 100/100
Thanks a lot.

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