Calculate client security hash assignment 1

Hello everyone doing calculate security hash assignment and everything went well but facing spacing issues in client information like 77372- Henry- America
I don’t know how to remove the spaces as my formula is also right there’s no space and brackets in that.
So due to this extra spaces my hash values are wrong so I got 0/100 for my assignment.
Note: there is no error and warnings in my assignment everything’s good except this spacing problem.
So please pour your solutions and help me to rectify this issue.


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Use Trim to remove extra spaces before or after the value.

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I used trim into it but it’s working when I run that workflow but while running whole project it’s again causing same problem in spacing.
What should I do now

Now I found another problem while submitting my assignment. I just now submitted my project as zip file and immediately got a feedback that you need to resubmit.
Why it’s happening to me?
Even my both acme and academy ID’s are same
I haven’t resetted my dataset
I’m following each and every steps in the right way


If possible can you record the session at the time of BOT running and upload it there along with the Code. And also share the video link here. Need to check it once.

Here is my assignment
Go through it and let me know if I have to change anything (1.5 MB)


Is it video recording of your process execution ?

No…it’s my whole assignment file
There is no video in that
You can check my code and tell me what’s the problem

@lakshman what happened bro? Did you find anything wrong in my code?


I didn’t check your code as I don’t have laptop now. If possible can you record the session and share me the video.

@lakshman kindly send me your email id


Here it is: