Calculate Client Hash- Get Transaction Data- how does the dataRowArray get from one place to another?

I am using UIpath studio Community edition 2019.8.0

I am working on the “Calculate Client Hash” Lesson.

I have successfully extracted the WorkItems from the “ACME System 1” website. I checked them in the “if first run-read Config file” workflow. All of the WI5 data was captured in the variable “WIList” (which is a DataRow). All of this has been created per the lesson instructions.

In my “GetTransactionData” workflow, the condition for my IF activity is “in_TransactionNumber<=WIList.count”
I have created an input argument called “WIList” (and selected “in”). It is also a DataRow.

When I run my project, everything works fine until the “Get Transaction Data” where it faults at the IF condition:

“No Condition Defined”

When I look at the “Locals” tab, I can see that the DataTable info is in the “io_TransactionData” argument, but the WIList is ‘null’.

Obviously, the WIList variable that I created in the “if first run-read Config file” workflow is not getting passed into the WIList arguement in the “Get Transaction Data” workflow.

How do I do this correctly?

Thank you for any information…

You have to pass in the WIList object that you get back from the Init state machine as an input to the GetTransaction.xaml.

Make sure that the WIList has data in it.
Also, make sure that you pass in the TransactionNumber into this XAML.

The TransactionNumber begins with 1, but your array begins with 0.

Therefore, your TransactionItem = in_WIList(in_TrasactionNumber-1).

If your WIList has no elements then the If condition translates to 1<0 . Which is false.

Therefore, have you specified anything in the Else part of the If…Else?

That condition not defined error might be vague, but it’s possible that you haven’t defined the Else condition and maybe that’s why it complains.

yeah, I did define the Else condition. I created a break in the assign action and looked at the data there, and yes, WIList (in the INIT.xaml) has the data. It is empty in the GetTransactionData.xaml, which is why I am wondering how to do it correctly.

Thank you!