Calculate client hash assignment 1: understanding

Hi i’m doing the 1st assignment on calculate client hash and there is something i don’t understand.
when i try to do the process which opens acme-test, an error occurs saying that the value doesn’t fall within the expected range. But when i put the URL in the default values of the arguments panel, it works. I wonder that is not the way it should work (following the walkthrough)

So i wanted to know if i am missing something ?


Are you mentioning the key’s in Config file correctly i.e. system1_URL in your case ?

you mean that ?

I am not sure if it looks correct, can you try like below, i guess you should use the full adress including https:// like you did in default arugement.

it doesn’t change anything.

So are you invoking the process through main or invoking just the process without giving arguments, when the problem happens ?

I tried to invoke this code individualy because it was asked on the pdf to verify if it works.
I didn’t try by the Main because it shows me errors when i changed the argument type of “TransactionItem” . I though it was normal and the errors should disappear later.

I will try to remove these errors and re invoke via the main.

I suggest to execute in debug mode if you are executing through main, it will help you to pinpoint the problem, if you are still not able to crack it then paste the workflow, will look at it.

thanks pal, i let you know :wink: