Calculate_Average_by Creating List then Array then Perform Sum Operation and Average

Im Shrinivas, Started recently on UIPath Automation Studies. I have developed my first RPA to find out the Average of Some Numbers. If you go through the Attachment you will find the more logic involved init.
Mostly for advanced users it may be easy. for beginners it will be added advantage.
My Studio program contains below logic.

Problem of Statement:
I want to define a Size of array like Array(5) example, but inside values are dynamically entering.
How to define List
How to Transfer List to Array
How to use While statement
How to use For Loop
How to use and work on “Add to Collection”
Display the Complete Array
Add numbers which are in array
find the sum
Find the Average of Array.

learning - In this program you will learn how to declare Variable
Logic on the program would be more important. (15.4 KB)