Calcuate Client Security Hash - Please Assist

I’ve been stuch for a few days now and would greatly appreciate any assistance with my issue.
As you will see in the screen-shots below, I suspect that I need to bind dt_WorkItems to WIList because no records are being passed to the invoked sequence hence the error.
But for some reason or other I am unable to do so.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

That binding between dt_WorkItems and WIList first happens when you use the Select method on dt_WorkItems and assign the result to WIList (refer to page 11 of the walkthrough).
After that, when you invoke GetTransactionData.xaml in Main.xaml (Get Transaction Data state), you pass the WIList to as an argument of the Invoke Workflow File activity.

Although different from the walkthrough, another way to do it is to use the variable TransactionData to store the results from the data scraping, then you don’t really need to create another argument in GetTransactionData.xaml because TransactionData is already passed to it by default.

hello @ITPSB,
go to Attach browser ,iexplore.exe ACME and click on indecate on screen and update the work, that should work.

Hi Mateus
Thank you very much for assisting, however, I still have the problem (I get the same error as described above) and would again very much appreciate your support.
With reference to the below screen-shots, I have bound dt_WorkItems to WIList and from the messagebox I see that the count of rows is 16 which is correct.
But, in_TransactionNumber, which is bound to TransactionNumber, shows up as 0 in the same debug messagebox.
So I suspect that the actual fields in the records (columns in the rows) are not bound - that’s just my guess at this point.
Please assist further.
Many thanks, Mark.

TransactionNumber is updated automatically by the framework, so you don’t need to change it or worry that it’s zero.

From the screenshot, it seems you’re passing the arguments correctly, so the next step is to setup everything in GetTransactionData.xaml as described in page 12 of the walkthrough.

The error from your first post is because of a selector not found when using Attach Browser, so you might want to double-check the selectors like @Abdulkader_Sandouka1 suggested.

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Hi Mateus
I now suspect that my issue is actually further down the track.
I see there’s a problem with the URL that I’ve generated (see 1st screen-shot with / characters missing).
However when I check it by clicking as indicated in the 2nd screen-shot it appears to be Ok.
I’ll try to track the issue down myself but any pointers will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

Like you said, probably there’s a “/” missing when you use the Navigate To activity. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again Mateus for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.
I’m just scratching my head as to why when I double-click the activity “BrowserScope” (see earlier screen-shot) that it shows the correct URL with the / characters embedded.
Any idea why?
Thanks very much, Mark.

Is that the screenshot that appears on the Attach Browser activity? If it is, that is just an informative screenshot taken when the window was indicated and might differ from the value actually used during runtime.

Also, the Attach Browser activity merely uses the page already open, but since the URL is not correct, it won’t find the targeted page. That’s why I suggested that you check the Navigate To activity that accesses the page of a particular work item.

Hi Mateus.
Thanks very much for your assistance - I learned a lot in the prcess.
In the end it was a silly mistake.
I’d left the “/” URL characters out when constructing the URL.
Regards, Mark.


Hi again Mateus
I have a new problem so I’ll put up a new post otherwise this one will become a bit convoluted.
Please check it titled “Calc_Hash infinite creation of 1st record”.
Many thanks, Mark.

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