Calclate Client hash. How to get the DataRow array to Get Transactiondata

I am working thru The Calculate hash and I am getting all the data and the correct number of rows for the WI5, but when trying to get the rows in Get Transaction data, I get an object cannot be null reference.
All the other pieces are working, as I’ve tested them individually. Just this one area has me confused, and frustrated.

I was trying to upload my workflow and get the “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

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This doesn’t directly answer your question, but you can upload your workflow by getting to trust level 1. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes or so to fulfill the requirements.


Have you passed arguments from Init state to Get TransacionData state or not ?

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This is exactly my issue. I cannot pass the arguments to GetTransaction State. they are not being passed.


I guess you are using Community edition 2019.5.0 and Edit Arguments option is not there for Invoke workflow Activity and you have to go-to properties of Invoke workflow Activity and click Arguments section and add your variables and save it.

For this please check below thread.