C# interact with UiPath Activities

Hello Everybody,
Recently I’d like to use C# interacting with UiPath Activities.For example,I need to refer to UiPath activities in C# code,and achieving dragging and dropping used in UiPath by using C# code.Do anyone have links in replying?Thanks very much!

Hi @Vianas,

Please find the attached xaml file.You can make this file custom activity.

Omkar P

Thanks for your reply.But I am still puzzled at this question.Maybe my expression is not so well defined.As you know,activity in UiPath Studio is just the class in C# programming language.So I would like to invoke activities in my C# code,just like invoking class in C#.For example,I’d like to achieve the function of Sequence in UiPath by C# code,and using it in UiPath Studio.By achieving this,I can drag and drop activities by my self-defined activity in UiPath Studio.So would you have any ideas about this,or any links which can give help?