C# - Impact on Marketplace

Hi everyone,

As announced earlier, UiPath released Studio 20.6 Community preview version which comes with many features and improvements :rocket: Among these, we would like to focus on the C# feature and its impact on the current activities published on the Marketplace.

Although we are aware that normally all activities should run just fine on C# as on VB, we kindly encourage you to have a look at the activities you published so far and make sure that they still work as intended within both a C# project and a VB project. This way, potential technical issues can be prevented from being encountered by the people who use them in their automation flows.

Also, just as important, if the activities do not work on C# so they are not compatible with C# based Studio projects, please specify this in the Compatibility section of your component, along with the exact Studio versions your component works with. You can Edit the component at any time, make the necessary updates if case, then resubmit it and we will have a look.

Thank you for your help and understanding! If you have any questions, we are happy to answer!


@Andreea_Stroe Thank you for that Suggestion. Will be needing to update the Compatibility Section. Specifying which version as in C# or VB in Compatibility Section along with the Studio Versions should do fine right ?
Does this apply mainly to Snippets and Solution type of Components or does it apply for all type of components?


@supermanPunch Yes, mentioning which versions the component is compatible with is perfect. Also, it applies to all component types as it is best to check the compatibility.
Thank you!