C# - How to add assembly?

hi, i want to invoke C# code. About impoert namespace part, i know how to achieve that. But how can i add external assemblies (Is the same result as “Project–>add reference–>Assemblies” in VS)?

Someone can enlighten me?

If you would like to use c# code along your project and invoke it
Kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @pitaty

I’m using VB code for my project language. But i want to use “Invoke code” activity to run my C# code.
My question is , if i want to add external assembly, how can i do that?

Hello Everyone,
I have just little update about lack of C# in current release. Please check this post:

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is not C# project i want to create. I want to use “Invoke Code” activity, write C# code.