C# custom activity (MultipartMemoryStreamProvider) and UiPath integration

Hi All,

Hopefully you all doing well :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we are facing an issue to integrate our C# custom activity into UiPath, therefore I would like to ask your help and opinion about this case.

The C# code is downloading all available attachments from SOAP interface. In the C# code, we are using „MultipartMemoryStreamProvider” class to get the attachments from StreamContent.

We tried to integrate our C# code into the UiPath by Invoke Code activity or Custom Activity with no success. As I see that the „MultipartMemoryStreamProvider” generates infinity loop/stick the code without any errors in UiPath.
We already tested the C# code, it is running in the Visual Studio (.Net 6 Framework) without any issue.

My question would be that, is there any chance to integrate this C# code into the UiPath?

Thanks in advance,