.ByField in Excel Question

Hi All,

Can someone explain what the .ByField in ‘Excel Automation’ means?
Does the field here simply means ‘cell’?

Is there a more indepth explanation to this that could aid my understanding?


1.In UiPath’s “Excel Automation” activities, the .ByField property is used to specify how you want to filter or select specific cells or ranges within an Excel sheet. The term “field” here does indeed refer to individual cells or ranges in the Excel worksheet, not necessarily the same as a database field.

2.When you set the .ByField property to a specific value, you’re telling UiPath which criteria to use for selecting cells or ranges. It allows you to interact with Excel data more precisely. The possible values for the .ByField property typically include:


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Hi @praveen1902

Appreciate the reply.
That does help me to understand.

Curious to ask if my question is something common?
As in is it something that I would have been able to answer myself (like you) if I were to understand VB programming language or it’s a different thing altogether? If yes, could you point me towards where to deepen this ‘topic’/knowledge?

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