By using API to get logs, it is not possible to access

by using API i am able to authorize, get folders etc…
But when i am trying to get logs, i am not able to access.

errror is like “You are not allowed to perform this operation.

i am using on prem orchestrator and credential are local user who is admin

You do not seems to have access to the logs of that particular folder.

Can you please give the appropriate permission to yourself. @venkat4u

Give the folder administrator role.

@shreyash_shirbhate , I have given Tenant Administrator itself.
do we again have to give Folder Admin?
I am not sure how to assign folder administrator. As i dont have any predefined.

It should work with this configuration but lets give it a try and give the folder administrator role as well.

Click on folder → users → Assign the folder administrator to your user.

Also, Please check the below documentation.

i could not find any such options. can you please provide me the screen shots.

but i have tried this.
i created new role called folder administrator → Roles–> add new —> folder roles–> select all roles as below.
but still it not working

Hi Please check below screenshots:

Select the folder and click on the users as below.

Click on below Assign Account/Group.

Select your user like below and give the Folder administrator role.


i dont have role called folder administrator…
and i am using classic folders.

Hi @venkat4u,

May be due to which you are not able to access the logs.

Phase 3 : Removal of classic functionalities - We will remove functionality related to classic folders from both the UI and the API.

thanks for update.
but this is for community version.
but i am using enterprise.