Button is disabled

Hi there,

I just started to learn UiPath, exciting!

One question if you could help me please, I’m creating a bot to do grocery shopping for me. When not using the bot, after inputting username and password on Sainsbury’s, the website allows me to click on the orange ‘log in’ button, however, when using the bot, it only shows a grey ‘log in’ button, it require another click on the webpage to enable the orange clickable button. therefore, the bot will stop here and the error message shows ‘button is disabled’. In this case, how can i train the bot to make it work? I tried to add a click on the website, it doesn’t work :frowning:



ok 1st:
If you find the difference you can use Element exist and set to wait when it will be acvtive

If you want to use property (investigate button - open UiExplorer indicate button in it and check properties when it’s orange and gray.) then use activity get attribute and type in quotas name of property - set output and you will have it.

use Click / Element exist in Try catch activity - as catch set Exception inside add what to do and you can add write line and tell print error message.

More risk solution would be:
TryCatch with element exist and set in Finally section if catch then Var = True if not False
Use While loop:
Set condition test - it will do loop until it will be true and add inside try catch with click - set finally Var = True
It will try to click inifite number of times until condition will be meet. Try to not do like this :slight_smile: