Button Colur Changes

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I’m now facing with one problem that I would like to monitor PC screen process…
As per Photo ss2 photo is Function is processing… When it doing it’s process this will out the result “complete” or “not complete” . When it’s complete we have to click “Continue Button” when it’s not complete click to “Back Button”… I would like to do is how can I create workflow for this Condition ? I want to check the Screen Condition with all green marks or sentences of All complete or something. . Please Help Me!


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When it’s complete it will show this button colour

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It looks like your dark green button only becomes interactive once all the checkmarks are visible, is this correct?

If that’s the case, you can use the UiExplorer in a “Click” activity and enable the selector that verifies the button can be clicked.

In this example, we can add the “Disabled” property manually to our selectors, even though it’s not available in our top-right panel:

To wait until the button is enabled, we would want to change ‘1’ to ‘0’.

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Which one I have to download to get Uiexplorer? If you are free ,could you help me? :smile:

Good news! You don’t have to install any separate modules, it’s just an option in the activity dropdown menu once you’ve selected the button (see below):

2020-02-12 23_11_02-UiPath Studio - BlankProcess1